Why Patuartek Beach Has Become Tourist’s Prime Attraction Recently?

Patuartek Beach: The Rising Star on Cox's Bazar's Coastline

The recent hype on Patuartek Beach managed to catch the attention of travel bloggers and travelers. This enchanting and tranquil paradise is tucked away just 30 kilometers from the bustling city of Cox’s Bazar. Situated a mere 6 kilometers from Inani Beach, this secluded haven has been gradually gaining popularity, and many enthusiasts believe it may soon surpass the fame of its more well-known neighbor, Cox’s Bazar Laboni Beach. What sets Patuartek Beach apart from the rest? Let’s embark on a journey of discovery to unravel the reasons behind its recent surge in popularity and why it stands out as a unique destination for travelers seeking solace and natural beauty.

1. Pristine Waters and Blue Horizons

Pristine Water and Blue Horizon
The very first enchantment that Patuartek Beach bestows upon its visitors is the breathtakingly clear waters that stretch into the horizon. Crystal clear and adorned with a mesmerizing shade of blue, the sea here exudes a sense of purity and tranquility that is unparalleled. The Water is cleaner and more bluish compared to the other two renowned beaches of Cox’s Bazar. As the gentle waves kiss the golden sands, you’ll find yourself immersed in the serenity that only nature can provide. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or someone content with dipping your toes in the water, the sea at Patuartek Beach beckons with its allure, inviting you to immerse yourself in its soothing embrace.

2. Nature's Art Gallery

As you stroll along the shoreline of Patuartek Beach, your gaze will be irresistibly drawn to the ground beneath your feet. Here, nature has meticulously crafted a stunning collection of pebbles, coral reefs, and rocks that bear a striking resemblance to the famed Saint Martin’s Chera Dip. This natural artwork creates an enchanting dimension to the beach, turning every step into a visual delight. These rugged formations are not only a testament to nature’s creativity but also a reminder of the profound beauty that exists within the simplicity of the coastal environment. But it’s not just the beach itself that captivates visitors; it’s the quiet and serene environment that enhances the experience. The sound of the waves caressing the shore, the gentle rustle of palm fronds in the breeze, and the sense of being one with the surroundings combine to create a truly magical atmosphere.
Nature’s Art Gallery

3. Adventurous Escapades

Horse Riding
For those with a taste for adventure, Patuartek Beach offers a wide range of exciting activities to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone seeking a bit of thrill in a tranquil setting, this hidden paradise has something for everyone.
  • Quad Biking: Picture yourself racing along the shoreline on a powerful quad bike, the sea breeze in your hair, and the boundless expanse of the beach as your playground. Quad biking is one of the exhilarating activities that Patuartek Beach offers. Strap on your helmet, rev the engine and get ready for an adrenaline rush like no other.
  • Horse Riding: For a unique beach experience, Patuartek Beach offers horseback rides along the shore. Guided by experienced handlers, you can explore the beach at a leisurely pace, taking in the beauty of the surroundings from the back of these majestic creatures. It’s an experience that combines adventure with a deep connection to nature.
  • Hill Tracking: If you’re in the mood for a trekking adventure, Patuartek Beach won’t disappoint. The surrounding hills provide an excellent opportunity for hill tracking. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the sea, the beach, and the lush landscapes that characterize this region. It’s an adventure that not only challenges your physical endurance but also rewards you with unparalleled views.
  • Photography: Every angle at Patuartek Beach reveals another breathtaking vista, making it a photographer’s dream. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply someone who loves capturing the beauty of nature, you’ll find endless opportunities to frame the perfect shot. The interplay of light and shadow, the contrast of colors, and the ever-changing moods of the sea offer a canvas that’s waiting to be immortalized in photographs.

4. Culinary Delights by the Sea

Sea Mount Beach Cafe
Patuartek Beach is not just about natural beauty; it’s also a place to savor the finest seafood delights. While Sea Mount Beach Cafe has already stolen the hearts of many visitors with its Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Red Snapper, Grilled Pomfret, and other delectable appetizers, more culinary treasures are waiting to be explored along this picturesque shoreline.
  • Sea Mount Beach Cafe: Just a stone’s throw away from the beach, you’ll discover Sea Mount Beach Café, a beloved restaurant in Cox’s Bazar. This beloved eatery offers a front-row seat to the seaside, where you can relish the flavors of Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Red Snapper, Grilled Pomfret, and many other mouthwatering seafood dishes. With a 5-star food rating from reviewers, Sea Mount Beach Cafe promises an unforgettable dining experience. You can even enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner by the campfire, making it perfect for couples seeking a memorable evening.
  • Coral Station: Nestled in Coral Beach Patuartek Inani, this restaurant lets you enjoy both ocean and hillside views in a fresh and authentic seafood ambiance. With an 11 km long coral stone beach as your backdrop, the endlessly natural view complements the authentic Bengali seafood cuisine and fresh environment.
  • Palongki Inani: “Love comes through the stomach” is the motto here. The restaurant offers an endlessly natural view that perfectly complements its traditional Bengali foods, live BBQ, and freshly caught seafood. It’s an ideal destination to spice up your love for food, whether you’re with family or loved ones. In the evening, the place transforms into a peaceful haven, allowing you to enjoy open-sky dining with soothing waves in the background.
  • Mermaid Cafe Marine Drive: An eco-friendly seafood restaurant that adds to the culinary variety on offer. Enjoy a sustainable and delicious seafood experience while appreciating the eco-friendly ethos of the establishment.
With these diverse dining options, Patuartek Beach caters to every palate, promising a culinary journey that’s as diverse and flavorful as the seaside views. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a lover of traditional Bengali cuisine, or simply seeking a romantic dinner with a view, Patuartek Beach has it all. Indulge in the local flavors and make your visit an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

5. Patuartek Beach: A Slice of Heaven on Earth

As you sit on the smooth stones that grace the shores of Patuartek Beach, you’ll find yourself surrounded by breathtaking beauty. To one side, the lush green hills provide a stark contrast to the deep blue sea that stretches endlessly to the other side. It’s a sight that’s sure to leave you in awe. Imagine sitting here, with the gentle breeze caressing your face, the sound of the waves soothing your soul, and the vastness of the sea stretching before you. Patuartek Beach is not just a destination; it’s an experience, a place where you can escape the cares of the world and reconnect with the natural world around you.
Live BBQ Sea Mount
  • Refresh and Rejuvenate: As you soak in the tranquil ambiance, you can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at a beachfront hillside café. Sip on your favorite brew while gazing at the horizon, and let the worries of everyday life melt away. For those looking to refresh themselves, the beach offers fresh juices made from local fruits like papaya, pineapple, and watermelon, providing a delightful burst of flavors.
  • Live BBQ Experience: If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss the live BBQ experience offered at Patuartek Beach. Fresh catches of the day, including Red Snapper, Pomfret, King Fish, Lobster, Crab, Squid, and Octopus as well as Chicken, are expertly grilled to perfection. The tantalizing aroma of grilled seafood wafts through the air, and you’ll find it impossible to resist.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Patuartek Beach is not just a day-trip destination; it’s a place where you can linger and savor every moment. Several eco-resorts are located close to this serene beach, offering comfortable accommodations in the lap of nature. If you prefer staying in Cox’s Bazar, you can easily hire a vehicle to transport you to this hidden paradise. The journey along the marine drive road is an adventure in itself, offering glimpses of coastal life and natural beauty.


In a world that often craves the extraordinary, Patuartek Beach emerges as an extraordinary destination. It’s a place where tranquility meets adventure, where natural beauty takes center stage, and where you can indulge in the finest seafood while gazing at the endless sea. Whether you’re a traveler seeking peace, a thrill-seeker in search of adventure, or a food enthusiast with a penchant for the finest catches of the sea, Patuartek Beach beckons with open arms. Come, discover this hidden gem, and let it etch its beauty into your heart forever. As you depart, you’ll carry with you not just memories but a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature and the tranquility of Patuartek Beach, a tranquil paradise that remains a hidden gem awaiting your discovery.
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